Lawn Care

Lawn Services PageOur Premium 6-step turf program consists of six regular scheduled applications throughout the growing season. This program provides a balanced application of important nutrients required by the turf grass. Also in each fertilizer application are micronutrients that help restore depleted soils of these important elements.

Our fertilizers are slow release and are designed to release nutrients over a long period of time. This prevents sudden growth spurts in the lawn requiring additional mowing. Our fertilizers also attach themselves to the soil quickly to prevent runoff of nutrients during sudden heavy downpours.

Besides providing the basic nutrients our 6-step turf program also provides crabgrass control in the spring, and broadleaf weed control. We will also spot treat for broadleaf weeds throughout the growing season.

Our Premium 6-Step Turf program includes:

  • 1 Pre-emergent for grassy weeds / Slow release fertilizer
  • 1 Post-emergent for grassy weeds
  • 3 Post-emergent for broadleaf  weeds
  • 1 Slow release winter fertilizer