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One of our goals is to provide the most affordable lawn care services at a reasonable cost. Our premium 6 step turf program includes most of the features that a normal home lawn will need to reach its full potential assuming that the soil has not been compacted over the years and that the turf grass is of high quality.

However, we know that’s not always the case. Soils do become compacted, thatch gets built up and over the years lawns begin to thin out for a variety of reasons. In those situations it may be necessary to consider some supplemental services to correct these situations.


Grub SectionGrub worms are a good example of a lawn insect that devastate large areas of a lawn in just a few days. We offer highly effective grub control treatments that only affect the turf damaging grubs. If you’ve had grub damage in the past, or your neighbors have had grub damage, you might want to consider adding this to your regular fertilization and weed control program.


In some situations, lawns that have been neglected for many years may have thinned out. Even with regular fertilization and weed control, it may take many more years for it to thicken up. In those situations, we often recommend over seeding the lawn in the fall. Fall is the Ideal time to over seed your lawn here in Central Kentucky. The cooler growing months allow the seeds to germinate and put out roots quicker.


Areation SectionAeration is one of the most commonly requested optional services in the industry, and for good reason. Soils tend to become compacted over the years and especially on lawns that are not aerated on a regular basis will often develop a thick layer of what is called thatch. Thatch is not accumulated grass cuttings, but an accumulation of dead turf grass crowns.

The aeration process punches small holes through that thick layer and deposits soil microbes into the layer that begin to digest that layer. As a bonus, the aeration process also stimulates root growth that helps create a healthier, thicker turf grass.


An application of fungicide will help stop the spread and infestation of many lawn diseases such as brown Sod Sectionpatch, dollar spot, rust, and red thread. 

SOD INSTALLATION – Fescue or Bluegrass

It can take weeks for new grass to grow so instead of the long wait, you can begin right now — with a lush green carpet underfoot.  When it comes to getting a thick, healthy lawn, nothing beats sod for instant gratification.


A soil test is performed to diagnose nutrient deficiencies in lawns that are not responding properly.


 Seeding will help thicken your lawn and reduce future broadleaf weeds and disease and insect problems. A thick, healthy turf is the best defense against weeds.  Have your lawn slice seeded to correct areas with extensive damage or to build overall lawn density. We use premium blends of tested and certified seeds.


An application of surface insect control will reduce infestations of turf-damaging surface insects, such as chinch bugs, billbugs, sod webworms and cutworms.


The trees and shrubs should not be overlooked to enhancing your overall landscaping design.  We provide a range of science-based tree and shrub services Home Page #2designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection and conditions it needs to thrive.


Dormant oil will be applied to your ornamental trees and shrubs to control overwintering egg clusters and insects. This application is the best time to control scale that can devastate your plants.


Our insect and mite control treatments will help protect your trees and shrubs from insects, such as caterpillars, Japanese beetles, young bagworms. and mites, which can harm your landscape investment.


Deciduous trees and shrubs will receive deep root fertilization with micro- and macro-nutrients. This treatment will help correct yellowing foliage due to iron and manganese deficiencies, reduce summer stress and promote the strength and vigor of your plants. Proper plant nutrition will help reduce future insect and disease issues.