Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our services, lawn & turf care, and disease control


1. Why was my lawn technician here only five to ten minutes? Am I getting my money’s worth?

ky-lawnWe have specific tasks we are doing on each visit. Our equipment is calibrated to provide the proper rate, our vehicle is fully loaded for our day’s work, and we are well-organized, resulting in an efficient use of our time. We will be many more times efficient than the average homeowner because of the above as well as the fact that we do this every day. When we are out on the lawn, we inspect the turf for potentially damaging insects, weeds, or diseases. We also note your cultural practices and leave information for your review. In addition to the inspections completed upon each visit, depending on location, a free mid-summer inspection is completed with a written report left for review by the homeowner. The value you are receiving is in the good results and information. Satisfaction guaranteed – and, hopefully, through good communication up front, a realistic expectation of the results has been presented to you.

2. Do I need weed control?

Weeds compete with desirable lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients. They are very aggressive and can take over a lawn if not kept in check. It is when this type of imbalance occurs that many customers request help from Turf Solution of Kentucky Professionals. Before this happens, a preventive approach to controlling weeds is recommended. It includes regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices. Weeds can also be controlled through digging or hand pulling. This method is much more labor intensive and is not always effective since many weeds can reproduce through vegetative parts if they are not entirely dug out.

3. Are sharp lawnmower blades important?

A sharp clean cut will seal quickly and resist disease attack.

4. Why do I get certain problems in the backyard and not the front yard or vice versa?

Just because a front yard and backyard are on the same property, there’s no guarantee they will have the same problems. And there can be any number of reasons for this. Perhaps the airflow isn’t as good in the backyard because there is a fence and a more significant landscape there. Maybe the grass in the front yard is different than what’s in the backyard, or the soils might even be different on various sides of the house. Any of these differences could lead to problems in one area but not the other.

5. Why do I need more than one or two visits a year?

Unfortunately, lawn care is not like switching on a light and having the grass stay green all year. Just like people, lawns need continual feeding. There are fertilizers that feed over longer periods of time, but we’re accomplishing other things as well with our visits. For example, we want to see if there are any dry spots or weed problems that need to be kept in check. In addition, some weeds appear in the spring while other weeds show up in the fall, and we need to control them all.

6. How long do I need to stay off the lawn after you visit? What about my pets?

Home Page #1You need to respect anything applied to your lawn. Obviously, you want to be aware of when an application is made to your lawn, and that’s one reason why we post signs in your yard when we apply. You should then wait at least until the application dries before going on the grass or letting the pets out, and that can be 15 minutes or 24 hours. Be sure to ask your technician for the drying times of specific products. It’s important that you know that these products have all been carefully screened and are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. On top of that, we as lawn care professionals have a broad range of products to choose from, and at Turf Solutions of Kentucky we focus on selecting the ones that are most friendly to our applicators.

7. Are the products that you use the same as the ones I could buy myself in the store?

There are some good over-the-counter products, and you could probably do 60 percent of what we do very similarly yourself. But we do have some “professional use only” products that you would not have access to, and those products help us with some of the more difficult-to-control weeds or they deliver longer residual disease control than what is available to consumers. But this issue goes back to the previous question – putting down the right product at the right rate. You may have access to the right product, but that depends on you making the proper diagnosis of the problem. So, along with our products, by hiring a lawn care professional you’re also gaining access to our knowledge and expertise. In addition, we are seeing more products taken away from homeowner use, especially in terms of fungicides that help control diseases. As a result, product availability is becoming more restricted.

8. Why do I need a professional lawn care company?

One big reason is that you’re hiring an expert who can diagnose problems. We can tell you whether or not the problem with your lawn is a disease, an insect or simply a lack of water, and that can be challenging for you, the homeowner, to do alone. In addition, when you hire Turf Solutions of Kentucky, you’re buying a guarantee for results, and that’s not always the case when you’re buying products right off the shelf. We can offer our customers this type of commitment because we know we’re applying the right amount of the right products at the right time, and do-it-yourselfers can’t be sure of that. We’ll keep coming out until the lawn meets your satisfaction. Plus, putting down the right product at the right rate and at the right time is especially important for many lawn problems, including crabgrass, and in some areas of the country you may have to apply an herbicide twice to get control. We’ll make sure that happens

9. If the products can be used safely why are there some people who still express serious concerns about their use?

Many people fear things that they know very little about. In fact people naturally have a tendency to fear anything that is man-made, especially chemicals. However, many people do not recognize that there are things that occur in nature, including natural chemicals, that can be just as toxic as or even more harmful than man-made substances. It is important to recognize that it is the dose that makes the poison. All substances can be toxic (including water) depending on the dose.

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